CFCAN announces new Scholarship Survey tool!

Have you ever set off with the goal to find scholarships for yourself or a student close to you, but felt confusion and frustration after sorting through all of the different requirements? CFCAN created the Scholarship Survey with you in mind. All scholarships in our eligibility survey are looking for students in Central Florida. The survey asks you questions about your demographic information, GPA, major, school choice, and more. With each question you answer the survey will determine whether you might qualify scholarships according to your responses. We want you to spend less time sorting through requirements and eligibility, and more time on a strong application!

Check out the new CFCAN Scholarship Survey here.

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Central Florida CAN's New Tool: Data & Research

Did you know that Central Florida College Access Network has been adding tools to the website? Under the resources tab on our site, CFCAN has added a BRAND NEW Data & Research section.


Central Florida College Access Network is committed to engaging Central Florida in meaningful work around creating a robust economy filled with educated and qualified individuals. We pride ourselves on being driven by both our Central Florida environment AND strong data from outside sources. This is where our new website page comes in. Whether you're a student looking for new ways to understand financial aid, an institution trying to understand previous work around college access, or someone interested in the state of Central Florida education, the Data & Research page is for you! Not only is this research meant to drive our work as a College Access Network, it's meant to be shared with other like-minded individuals and organizations so that we can all work together towards ensuring Central Florida Thrives!


This page is intended to be continuously working, as we get more data we will add it! So read away, check back later for more information, and if you know of any research we've left out you can contact us here, tweet us @CentralFL_can or send an email to

Skilled Workforce Summit: What we learned

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Thank you to all who attended and participated in the Skilled Workforce Summit! On March 13, 2018 the Central Florida College Access Network in partnership with the Higher Education Coordinating Council hosted a convening focused on adult learners and the benefits of education for employers, employees, and our community. CFCAN came together with HECC, the Helios Education Foundation, GuideWell Innovation Center, and Collaborative Labs at St. Petersburg College to offer a free event for representatives from Central Florida's local businesses, universities, government, and non-profits. 

Thanks to the amazing work done by the Collaborative Lab at St. Petersburg College, CFCAN has a real time record of the event. Click here to view the summary and download the real time record.

Mayor Buddy Dyer Proclaims March 13th, 2018 as Central Florida Adult Learner Day!

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Central Florida College Access Network thanks Mayor Buddy Dyer for recognizing Central Florida’s adult learners and those who support them.

Sharon Lusk, who leads CFCAN Adult Learners Workgroup, and is Assistant Dean of the Hamilton Holt School of Rollins College, presented that March 13th, 2018 is officially proclaimed Central Florida Adult Learner Day. Within the proclamation, CFCAN and its collaboration with higher education, government, business and philanthropic leaders were specifically highlighted as making a positive impact on post-secondary education, talent development, and ultimately contributing to a robust economy.  To view the full proclamation click here.

CFCAN made the announcement during its Skilled Workforce Summit, which was led by the Higher Education Coordinating Council and in partnership with Lumina Foundation, Helios Education Foundation, CareerSource Florida and Florida College Access Network. The Skilled Workforce Summit was hosted and planned by CFCAN’s Adult Learners Workgroup, a partnership within CFCAN of active members of the Central Florida community from educational and philanthropic sectors that come together to plan and implement ways that our region can understand and support its adult learners.

Keynote Speaker Carl Camden: A Closer Look

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Carl Camden is the former president and chief executive officer of Kelly Services Inc. Camden has significant experience and expertise in labor markets and labor economics, marketing and leadership. He has served on the board of trustees of the Conference Board, and as co-chair of the Policy & Impact Committee for Economic Development. He also serves on the board of directors of TopBuild, a leading installer and distributor of insulation products in the U.S. construction industry.

Carl Camden is an expert on the changing nature of work in the United States. Through his work at the Committee for Economic Development, Carl Camden earned the Excellence in Public Policy Award in 2012. Camden’s unique perspective gives him the insight to speak on how public policy, employment, and the nature of work can be effectively harnessed to give every individual their fair chance at success. Carl Camden advocates that businesses have an expectation to be engaged in good public policy and simultaneously be appealing to employees - giving individuals and businesses the opportunity of participation from all levels. (Committee for Economic Development)

Camden says, “We need to be the voice of reason in a time when it's difficult to be heard, and deliver solutions the country needs for long-term fixes to our economy. Only by improving fundamental American competitiveness can we make certain that everybody can participate in the American dream”. (


Learn more about the March 13th’s “The Benefits of Education for Employees, Employers and our Community” here

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