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UpliftED realizes that our region's Adult Learners are an often overlooked population with unique barriers. There are more than 250,000 adults in Central Florida with "Some College" experience but no degree*. We believe that one part of the solution to our region's attainment gap lies in this population of eager-to-learn individuals. Including veterans, career changers, and degree finishers - the adult learner population faces barriers that come with being a parent, having a full time job, and seeking educational attainment all at once.

*Data from the American Community Survey 2016 -

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Did you know that most colleges award credits for previous work experience and knowledge gained outside of the classroom? While every school has different standards and requirements, this glossary was created to assist individuals in understanding some of the acronyms and terms you might see while looking for alternative ways to earn college credits. Click here to go to the Prior Learning Glossary.